Fladlien & Associates LLC is a slightly different kind of design firm, because we got started a different way, and are trying to do something that is a little different...

Fladlien & Associates LLC was founded in May 2014, with the specific purpose of focusing heavily on what we call Modernized Traditional Yachts, both sail and power. A Modernized Traditional Yacht for us is a yacht of the same very general appearance and sailing or powering characteristics as the great moderate-sized boats of the late 1920s and the 1930s, but with many design and construction improvements achieved through the use of contemporary design development concepts and tools and modern construction methods.

Our Business Model is also a bit different, though a number of designers and design teams seem to be moving in the direction of this approach. Rather than employing a number of Assistant Designers who collectively bring a large number of specialties to the team, many of which are not relevant to particular design, our approach is to assemble a team for each specific design, thus utilizing the wide range of talent that exists today, but utilizing (and paying for) only that portion needed for the particular design in question. This means that we are structured to work on fewer, but larger, projects -- an approach which we believe is well-suited to the Modernized Traditional Boats which are our primary interest.

Please let us know what you have in mind for your new boat: we'd love to discuss it with you.